When I hear the word authentication and authorization, I think attestation, verification and permission. In my previous post “a guide to creating a simple app” we developed a basic app, in this post we will build on what we did.

I assume you have already developed an app, if you have not I encourage you to check my post a guide to creating a simple app step 1 to step 15.


Passport: Passport is an authentication middleware for node. There are over 500 different passport strategies. you can learn more about passport in the following link here

jwt-JSON Web…

Creating an app is not as hard as people think. Once you know the concept and basic steps, you’ll find out it is a simple task. I’m here to guide you on how to create a basic app. I’ll use Visual Studio Code as my editor. Also I will attach links for your personal consumption.


NPM- Node Package Manager

NPX- Node Package Execute

Let’s begin!

STEP 1 (Create a new folder (I named mine myapp) and open the folder in your editor).

STEP 2 (In myapp create a new folder and name it controller (in the controller folder create…

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